Apps for all!

Apps released!

So, I've finally split several of the major components of gnocchi into separate installable apps, and they're available for public consumption.


Really a support package, it contains common code for a few of the gnocchi apps.


The core CMS app, allowing you through-the-web (TTW) editing of templates, pages, and extra context variables.


A very simple multi-user blog whose most advanced feature is "auto-tagging".


A product catalogue. One part of the gnocchi shopping system, separated for finer grained control.


A shopping cart stored in a users session. This was the first part split out of Gnocchi.

What's left?

Well, there's also the gallery, email forms, and the rest of the shop. But the main thing I really want to get happening is separation of URLs and content. Watch this space :)

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